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  • Our parish Education Commission working with our Stewardship Task Force has put together four weeks of opportunity(ies) for all of us to learn about three words that are important to our faith journeyGRATITUDE, PRAYER, SERVICE
  • Our Adult GPS Journey Faith Sharing Sessions will be: (Sign-up sheets are at the WELCOME CIRCLE.)

Mondays, (6:30 -7:30pm) on Oct. 7, 14, & 21;

OR Wednesdays (1:00- 2:00pm) on Oct. 9, 16, & 23;

OR Thursdays (9:30- 10:30am) on Oct. 10, 17, & 24.

Our autumn journey of growth will be guided by:

  • Sunday Gospels,
  • Fr. Joe’s homilies,
  • Little Burgundy Book (mailed to you or at the Welcome Circle) books for daily prayer about our call to grateful stewardship,
  • Growers' Guide Workbook (PDF) to help us with our journey of under-standing as we grow in grateful appreciation the many blessings God has given. Available at Welcome Circle, download here, or see weekly update below.
  • GPS Intention Cards available at church during Mass or updated every week below.
  • And we can help each other, serve each other and nurture our own growth by sharing our thoughts on the true meaning of Stewardship as together we become Companions in Christ.

Four Weeks of Card of Intention - Gratitude, Prayer, service and Stewardship

(See Below)

Available September 28th

Available October 5th

Available October 12th

Available October 19th

Card of Intention 4th Week / S-Stewardship

Just in case you forgot what you marked on your Card of Intention this week! Or maybe you were not at Mass this week.

Sharing Our Faith Story

Please choose one or more of the following to do this week.

  • When have I missed an opportunity to express my faith to someone else? Share one recent incident with your family where you felt God’s blessing or healing.
  • Am I afraid to express my faith in public? Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage and inspiration to bravely exhibit your belief in God by word and action.
  • Pick one thing in your life that deeply disturbs you and offer persistent prayer for healing, forgiveness and strength.
  • Prioritize weekly Mass attendance to enhance your growth in Faith.

Growers' Guide - Week four – POSSIBILITIES to bless others using God’s blessings to me

Week Four

Sunday, 10/20 to Saturday, 10/26 – Appreciating the power of our stewardship

Our GOSPEL Guide –our hope-filled, persistent sister (Luke 16:19-31)

Think about this: Our God is a servant God who sent a servant Son: “The heart of Christianity is the great and incomprehensible truth that God’s true majesty, God’s authentic immensity, consists in God’s willingness to become lowly and forsaken, to pitch a tent among us and become one of us. God’s presence is sometimes revealed in lightning and thunder and smoke on Mount Sinai, but it’s much more likely to show up in the faces of our neighbors. And not just our respectable neighbors, either, but those whom we generally go out of our way to avoid: the poor, the ill, the imprisoned, the aged, the weak, and the despised. In their faces, if we but have eyes to see, we encounter God. In their lowliness and helplessness we discover the real majesty of a God of love and self-sacrifice.”

—from Perfect Joy: 30 Days with Francis of Assisi by Kerry Walters

Then think and pray, share and ponder your CALL to SERVE and Share in these areas:

    • What are some of the resources that I manage/steward? (income, ownership)
    • What are some of my skills, talents, positive traits?
    • How do I understand that these are entrusted to me rather than turned over to me or even earned by me?
    • How do I understand God’s purpose in blessing me in this?
    • What are ways I am called to SERVE? Who? How much?
    • What are some of Jesus’ teaching about worldly wealth, material blessings?
    • What are ways my gratitude shows in my generosity? How much? How do I plan my patterns of giving, service? A priority or an afterthought?
    • Do I give in a way (sacrificial) that impacts my living or simply of the ‘extra’?
    • And as you prayed/discussed the Burgundy Book reflections this FOURTH week:
    • What did you learn? What challenged you? What encouraged you?

MAP for our autumn Journey Outlining Our Parish Pilgrimage of Growth in Three Legs

First Leg—Growing to APPRECIATE God’s Gifts (September 29-October 25)

  • Weekly worship with Christ our Savior celebrating Eucharist (4:30p & 9:30a)
  • Weekly ‘Offering of Intent’ as part of our gift to God at Mass
  • Nurturing the growing of our hopes via the sprouted, planted SEED cross
  • Four weeks of daily prayer guided by the LITTLE BURGUNDY BOOK

Weekly personal reflections using our GROWERS’ GUIDE

  • Week 1 –focus on gift of relationships/PERSONS, LOVE
  • Week 2—focus on gift of PLANS, HOPE
  • Week 3—focus on gift of God’s PROMISE, FAITH
  • Week 4—focus on gift of POSSIBILITY, Grateful SERVICE using gifts

Other opportunities include:

  • Adult GPS Journey faith sharing sessions (like the GOOSE)
  • A ROSARY prayer service, Sunday, October 13 (after Mass, led by youth) -
  • Fr. DuRussel POLISH DINNER—Saturday, October 5 (tickets on sale)
  • Fall Harvest Bounty Dinner, Oct 19th, 5:30pm, Parish Hall, by Global Compassion Inc
  • Ongoing YOUTH MINISTRY and FAITH FORMATION for our youth
  • Use of online resources to guide sharing and growing

Second Leg—Grateful Gathering to CELEBRATE our Blessings

MACC MISSION—Becoming Saints Day by Day (October 27-30)

  • Days 1-3 – growing in grateful prayerfulness with Fr. Fran and Sr. Kathy
  • Day 4 – an evening of grateful song CELEBRATION with ValLimar Jansen

Third Leg—Responding to DEDICATE ourselves in SERVICE to our family of faith and our community (

November Three weeks of DEDICATING ourselves and our families to PRAYER & SERVICE & GRATEFUL GENEROUS SUPPORT guided by the Catalog of Opportunities distributed in October. We’ll use DEDICATION COVENANT forms, choosing ways of serving and supporting our parish family and our community by sharing our blessings.

FEAST of THANKSGIVING – Thursday, November 28 and then our ADVENT Season of HOPE…as the gift of growing goes

Online Registration - Please register early to help us plan!!

MACC Mission Prayer

Loving God, we praise you and bless your holy name. You have made us and formed us in your image and likeness, uniting us through your most holy sacraments, making us one. Draw us into greater communion with you and one another through the planning of our 2019 mission.

Enkindle in us the desire, conviction and courage to become as the Saints in our day-to-day living, striving to see you more clearly, love you more ardently, and follow you more closely.

Guide us in our efforts. Help us to be faithful to the example of your Son, and follow the promptings of your Holy Spirit. Accept our gifts and help us honor the gifts of one another. May our efforts be pleasing to you and bear much fruit. By your grace, may our partnership flourish.

We entrust our speakers, Sr. Kathie Budesky, Fr. Fran Daly, and Mrs. ValLimar Jansen, to your loving care, and ask that you deliver them to us safely at the appointed time.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

the 2nd MACC Mission “Becoming Saints - Day by Day”, October 27-30, 2019

Registration is open for the October 27-30 MACC Mission: Becoming Saints--Day by Day.

Events, Mini-VBS, Childcare, Concert and Register:

Volunteers needed for Mini-VBS - contact Laura Scheibert for information at 989-687-5657x2 and register online

Volunteers needed for Childcare - contact Blessed Sacrament for information at 989-835-6777 and register online

Details and registration information may be found in the mission brochure, a copy of which is inserted in the bulletin, or online at The mission includes four evening events, one of which will be hosted by each of our four MACC parishes. Three of the events will be facilitated by Fr. Fran Daly, SJ and Sr. Kathie Budesky, IHM, directors of two Detroit-area Catholic retreat centers. One evening will include a mini-VBS offering for our children. The mission will culminate with a concert featuring liturgical musician ValLimar Jansen. Please register online at by returning the registration portion of the brochure to the parish office. Registering online early will help us plan!

Growing to Share God's Gifts, November 2/3 Through to Thanksgiving Day Nov 28

Our Stewardship commitments lead us to Thanksgiving (the turkey feast and the ongoing attitude of gratitude)…

Expressing our gratitude through our service as a parish family


Each week meet one of our fellow parishioners as they share their parish engagement.

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is John Phillips. I currently have the honor of chairing the Pastoral Council (PC). After I retired, I was looking for an opportunity to help the parish. When an opening on the PC was announced, I thought it would be a good place to have a positive impact. It’s been a great experience working with the other Council members and Father. What a wonderful group! It also opened the door to opportunities to meet and work with other parishioners on the Education Commission and the Wild Goose is Loose program. I’m looking forward to the GPS and Companions in Christ programs and other programs planned this year. We have an opening on the PC now. I would encourage anyone that is interested in joining the PC to contact Father or myself.

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Roe Baker. You may have seen me at Saturday Mass in the following ministries: sacristan, Eucharistic minister, or altar server. The kitchen is another area you would find me, coordinating a monthly meal for Open Door and funeral lunches, with other parishioners. I am also on the collection accounting team,

I lead Christian meditation and support our global family thru the practice of yoga. In our individual families, participation is essential to continue growth, love and purpose. The same is true in our Assumption family. Most of my efforts require an hour a week. The benefits you receive in serving in any ministry has unending value. Looking forward to serving with you in the future!

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Liz Minbiole. All it took was a tap on the shoulder as a teenager and my Church ministry started with lecturing. Since that time I have also served as an extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and a Sacristan.

Each of these ministries has given me back so much because of the people I have met and served. I have also had the opportunity to serve the Parish on the Finance/Administration Council. As I retire and we move closer to our families, I am going to miss my Assumption family, particularly the smiles of those of you that attend our Saturday evening Mass. My prayer is that many of you will accept this as a tap on the shoulder and consider filling a vacant spot.

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Noreen Warrick. My earliest recollection of participating in the life of the church goes back to when I was about seven. I recall sitting cross-legged on the floor of the kitchen in front of the refrigerator with a missalette in hand, excited because learning to read meant I could sing the songs at church.

The Holy Spirit was drawing me closer to God and more deeply into the church through liturgy. And, in my childlike way, I responded. Over time, I participated in formal ministries, as a catechist, in liturgical ministries and in service to the church and community. My hope as a present cantor and catechist is that I might help others feel God's love of them and find their responding voice that says, "I love you, too."

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Marcia Schneider. I've been teaching Catechesis of the Good Shepherd through Assumption's Faith Formation program to Kindergartners for the last five years. I also volunteer in a program called Faith and Fellowship with people who have serious mental illness. I've been involved in this group since 1990 when it began in Midland.

Focusing on Faith and Fellowship, the reason for my many-years of involvement is a belief that we are more alike than different, everyone deserves to feel acceptance and belonging and everyone needs a format to share their story and their faith. This ministry helps fills these needs and nurtures my faith as well. Some people with mental illness do not feel comfortable in a church setting and Faith and Fellowship can provide a stepping stone.

If you feel that you might be called to volunteerism that helps grow your faith and compassion, I'd be happy to tell you more about Faith and Fellowship.

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Matthew Conley, musician. The earliest thing I remember about going to church as a young child is hearing the music. As soon as I was old enough, Bob Zondlak, our music director, gave me the opportunity to play the piano with the church instrumental group. Bob and the other members of the group have taught me so much about the church and our faith in general.

Now it is my turn to give back to the church who so graciously accepted me and patiently taught me. I’m happy and honored to share the love

I’ve always felt at Assumption through the power of music.

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Dave Vickery. Most weekends you will find me playing my trombone or recorders, or at the cantor stand. I’ve served as a Eucharistic Minister and Lector in the various parishes I’ve been a member of since my early teens.

I joined these ministries shortly after joining the parish. What did change at Assumption is that I joined the choir. Not long after, I was asked to consider becoming a cantor - something I never thought I would have the courage to do. Enter stewardship. I've always been taught that we each have been given gifts by God and that those gifts are meant to be shared. So I said yes. At times, it is still a challenge - especially singing the psalms. At those times, I ask God to speak through me and then trust in his help. What are the gifts that God has given to you that you can share?

Our day-by-day Way to - Joy BISHOP MURPHY’S AWARD

Two faithful members of the Diocese of Saginaw were honored on August 8th for their lifelong commitment to living and sharing their Catholic faith in ways that continue the evangelizing mission of Jesus Christ. We celebrate each week one of our own members of our Assumption family in our Stewardship corner. We take time to honor others in our Diocese. Mrs. Veronica Grusecki,

94 years old, is a member of St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Bay City. She is known for her devotion to her parish community, volunteer work at a local hospital ministry to the elderly and homebound, which began 50 years ago. Mr. Don Hire, a member of Sacred Heart Parish Mt. Pleasant, is known for his year round fundraising for his parish and school community, volunteering for many years at the Lenten fish fry and his work with a Christmas Outreach program in Isabella County. He also guides an organization for financial assistance for cancer patients. Both have received this year’s Bishop Murphy’s Award. This award is given annually in the Diocese. Several of our parishioners have been nominated in past years. Blessings Veronica and Don!

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Marilyn Zank. Service to others is how I feel I am called to be God’s servant. God blessed me with many gifts to help his church, through Music Ministry, decorating with Art & Environment, organizational skills, teaching and gardening. I feel God talks to each of our hearts to help direct us to the work He would like us to do. If we don’t hear Him the first time, God will present His idea to us in another fashion.

Volunteering builds relationships with other people, which in turn builds community and friendships. We all have a deep desire to be a part of something bigger, more than just one can do alone. One voice is pretty but a whole congregation singing moves all the hearts to God. Sing praise!

Joe Stanko

Julie Maurer

Kyle McRae

Carlie Servinski.

Mary K. Taylor

Don Martinski

Mark Bernius

Allison Leslie

Matt Glaccum

Ann Buzanowski

Carol Maciag

Maria Dvorak

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)