Stewardship Square

Gratitude, Prayer and Service

Each week meet one of our fellow parishioners as they share their parish engagement.

AND Special Events will be held during the Fall 2019 - see below:

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Ann Buzanowski. I was the child in grade school who was terrified of reading aloud in class. I struggled with phonetics and was frequently teased for my mistakes which were exaggerated by my booming voice. I was ashamed by my lack of skill, but God had different plans for me.

Eventually, I overcame my reading problems and developed a passion for reading Scripture and prayer. When I was asked to read at a friend’s wedding my insecurities returned, but I went to God in prayer and asked him to be my voice. To my amazement, the words of St. Paul fell from my lips with confidence and conviction. That day I was asked to become a lector and I humbly agreed. I am blessed and proud to serve as a reader at Assumption.

Carol Maciag

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

My name is Carol Maciag. We moved to Midland in December 2012 to be near my son, his wife and my granddaughter. Since then my grandson was born in 2013. It was in that year that I volunteered at Vacation Bible School so my four-year-old granddaughter would attend. The last two years my grandson has also attended.

Participating in VBS has been a blessing in my personal journey of faith. When I share my faith stories with the children, listen to theirs and those of the other volunteers, my faith increases.

Watching the children and seeing their enthusiasm as they sing and act out the songs, which start and end each day at VBS, sometimes brings tears to my eyes. You can just feel the Holy Spirit alive as we gather as a shared faith community.

Maria Dvorak

Our day-by-day Way to Joy

I am Maria Dvorak a catechist. I create an environment where children can learn about their Catholic faith and how much Jesus loves them. My qualifications are simply, I love my God and I love kids.

The curriculum prepares me with scripture on which to ponder and pray. The Holy Spirit and the children’s disposition direct, guide and teach me.

The best classes are ones in which the children grab on to a point and run with it. On these days I learn, laugh and admire these saints in our midst. Some worry about the future of the Church, I do not.

The Holy Spirit is alive and well and preparing the hearts of its children to be joyous followers of Jesus Christ. If you delight in being around children, you are perfect for this ministry.

You are INVITED to share Gifts for Growing our Faith this Autumn

Becoming Disciples - DAY by DAY - Oct 27 - Oct 30 MACC Partnership MISSION

Sunday, Oct 27, St Brigid, Mass, Dinner and First Presentation

Monday, Oct 28, Blessed Sacrament, Dinner and Presentation

Tuesday, Oct 29, Our Lady of Grace, Dinner and Third Presentation with Mini-VBS

Wednesday, Oct 30, Blessed Sacrament, Mass with school children; post-Mass event for school children with ValLimar Jansen

Wednesday, Oct 30, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Concert Performing: ValLimar Jansen: Rain Down (Youtube/music (turn up volume beautiful song!)

Growing to Share God's Gifts, November 2/3 Through to Thanksgiving Day Nov 28

Our Stewardship commitments lead us to Thanksgiving (the turkey feast and the ongoing attitude of gratitude)…

Expressing our gratitude through our service as a parish family

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)