Welcome to Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish

We are a Catholic community of welcome and warmth sharing growth as we seek to develop as disciples of Jesus using the four pillars of Christian discipleship: Community, Message, Worship, and Service.

  1. Community - Created for and called to spreading God's love and mercy throughout parish family and surrounding community through spiritual and social opportunities,
  2. Message - Sharing the Good News of God's Love, mercy and redemption to all through Faith Adult, Faith Youth Ministry, Faith Children, and Sacramental Preparation,
  3. Worship - Gathering to gratefully share prayer as we participate in the Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist,
  4. Christian Service - Using the gifts God has entrusted to us to serve God by helping those in need.

Mass and Rosary Schedule - POSTPONED

Please note that if the Midland Public Schools are closed or on delay, weekday Mass is cancelled!

  • Saturday Mass at 4:30 pm
  • Sunday Mass at 9:30 am
  • Monday Word and Communion Services at 8:30 am
  • Tuesday-Friday Mass 8:30 am
  • Rosary Monday-Friday 8:00 am

Confession Sat 3:30 pm, (3:00 pm to 4:00 pm - Advent and Lent), or by appointment

Daily Reflections:

Directions, Church/Office Hours

Fr Joe's Thoughts, "Larkin Update"

March 30th (Show/More Less)

A world of winks and whispers

We live in a world of winks and whispers, a world where Grace and Hope and Love are ever present and always at work.

Our Little Black Book in Saturday’s (3/28) reflection suggests the important project and challenge of opening our eyes to all this: “Throughout my whole lifetime, I am meant to open my eyes to the great mystery that can never be seen completely or understood fully in this life.” "… I am meant to open my eyes…to try to make sense of our suffering and to grow. I am called to the great expansive adventure of opening my eyes of faith to this great mystery that is God. Lent is a great time to think about that.”

That insight and challenge and its oh-so-appropriate application to this unique Lenten time of prayer struck me the first time I read it this past Saturday and so I reread it Sunday morning before I turned the page to see a “wink or whisper?” Sunday’s reflection shared the story of a huge hospital in New Orleans (Charity) and our call to care for the ill. May God help us NOW to do well just that!

So, how is our shared journey through this crisis impacting your “eyes?” Another wink came for me when I went into one of the bathrooms here at Assumption and looked down to see 2 FULL ROLLS of toilet paper hanging from the wall! It made me smile, gave me a pinch of hope and aroused my gratitude for the good work of our brother Dave Lijewski as he seeks to both sanitize and maintain our parish home during these days.

Sunday’s (yesterday) scripture, especially the Gospel story of Jesus, Lazarus, Mary and Martha, have also offered me a whisper of God present, near and always Gracing, healing, bringing life.

Both Bishop Gruss (on diocesan website) and Fr. Rob Howe (on BlSacr social media) shared reflections on this Gospel that I found helpful and nourishing and maybe they are (or were) for you as well, a wink or whisper of grace?

I also listened to Fr. Jim Martin’s (S.J.) daily scripture reflection online and he suggested 3 other aspects of the Lazarus Gospel’s message:

++the value of family and friends—Jesus had them, loved them…and he calls us his friends, too. We too have and need friends and should be grateful for them--including our friend, Jesus.

++Jesus cries—Jesus, our brother, enters fully into all that is human including, maybe especially, the emotions that grow out of family and friendship and LOVE. Fear and sadness he knew—and shared.

++Reflecting on guiding tours/pilgrims to the holy land and to the Bethany site of Lazarus’ tomb, Fr. Jim said that when pilgrims go into the tomb, they are invited to ponder what they want to leave there, what they want to leave behind as they then come out to, as Lazarus did somehow, to continue their journeys as friends, companions and disciples of Jesus. Fr. Jim invited us to a similar prayer.


**We will continue to try to maintain contact with you all: phoning, responding to voicemail or email messages, and sending/posting messages such as this “Larkin Update.”

**We are exploring other avenues of connecting, like a new Facebook page for all us Larkin Catholics as well as any friends or guests that may join us there.

**We are also exploring what we need to do to provide (a) a brief video message from here, our parish home (that I am privileged to be able to enter at will—I carry you all with me when I do), and/or (b) perhaps even video of some of the coming Holy Week services.

United in prayer, hope for healing and health, and missing you all, Peace, Fr. Joe

March 24th (Show/More Less)

Wanted to do another quick shout out to you all as these days of uncertainty unwind into our unknown future. May we find and share that which sustains us as we press on to that shared healthiness for which we are all hoping and praying. And I suspect you’ve already discovered that there is tons out there.

So, current plan is one of these little updates maybe twice a week and then the bulletin will also continue to be emailed, on our website and on our app.

“Let Go, Let God”. Pretty sure most of us have run across that bit of spiritual wisdom at some point. One of the reflections I read just yesterday suggested that we are being forced to ‘let go’ of a lot right now: plans, comfort, daily agendas, for some of us income and fiscal security, even a sense of physical security and you can add to this list readily from your own “new normal.”

As we let go, do we let God guide us in some fashion through the ‘dark valley.’ The reflection I noted above used the image of leaving ‘graves behind us’…a graphic image for growing, moving, and journeying onward. We left womb life for being born onto the earth. We’ve left home for school, first school in town and then many of us for ongoing education in other places. We left single life for marriage and then left aspects of that behind to become parents…we’ve let go a lot.

And for the most part such letting go has enriched and improved our lives and our future. So, I’m praying and hoping that God will guide us in ways we will follow, through this, to an actually enriched and improved future. Please pray and share that hope!

Peace, Fr. Joe

March 22nd (Show/More Less)

Good Morning, Fr. Joe here…it’s Sunday just after 9:30 when we’d “usually” be together for Eucharist. Today, that is not how we are….lots of other things are out of the ordinary as well. Did you happen to read this mornings (March 22, 2020) entry in our Little Black Book?

It eerily begins, “Suppose something terrible happens, a famine, …..”

And then a bit later in the reflection it talks about the problem of “hoarding” tho it does not use that term. The reflection seeks to remind us of blessings to be shared.

That reflection was written months if not years ago (Bishop Untener died in 2004 but I’m not certain that this reflection was composed (+/-) by him), but it for me anyway speaks very directly to what we are experiencing and enduring this very day as spring 2020 is just getting started.

For me, it points to a God who is always near, ever faithful to the promise to be with us as we journey through whatever desert or dark valley we encounter in our shared living. By the way, the “dark valley” image comes from today’s psalm, Psalm 23, often called the Good Shepherd psalm.

The LORD our light is near! So we give thanks for the hope that such LOVE offers us.

MEANWHILE, we are still trying to craft ways and discern the best ways of maintaining our faith family ties as we are all hunkered down. How best do we nurture our life-giving Catholic connection as members of this Assumption family of faith? We’ll keep you posted on that—again, as best we can.

Lastly, let me invite you to join me in giving thanks and offering prayer for those who are keeping things going: first, all manner of first responders and health care workers. God bless and protect them.

But then, the many faceless folks who keep our water running, our electricity on, the plumbing, internet and television available to inform, unite and sustain us in so many vital ways as we journey through this dark valley. Perhaps now more than ever, we are aware how much we rely on them always? May God bless them all.

Wishing and Praying for a Hope that sustains you and us and our ONE human family, Fr. Joe

Dear Fellow Members of our Assumption Family of Faith - Covid-19

All Current Public Services Suspended

    • Church open for private prayer and/or meditate. 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM - Monday through Thursday, 2-4pm Good Friday. Please respect and maintain safe distance from anyone else present for their prayer.

Parish offices are closed. Phones will be staffed from 10 to 2, M-Fr. We ask that any in-person visits be by appointment only.

    • Please let us know if there are ways you think we might be of assistance to you or others.
    • Ministry to the Sick, Those wishing to celebrate the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick prior to surgeries, hospitalizations, or because of health concerns are asked to please contact the parish office. Otherwise, please notify the parish office if you or a family member is ill, home bound or hospitalized.

Daily Reflections:

All Public Masses Throughout the Saginaw Diocese cancelled until at least APRIL 30th, Bishop Robert Gruss.

    • Cancelled until at least APRIL 30th , all communal Penance Services, public Stations of the Cross, and any unnecessary parish gathering and meeting be cancelled.
    • Individual celebration of the Sacrament of Penance and Anointing of the Sick MAY BE CELEBRATED.
    • Funerals are permitted.

How to give when you can't get to Mass, Online or via mail.

    • Mail your envelope to: Assumption, 3516 E. Monroe, Midland, MI 48642, or give online.

In Christ, Your Assumption Parish Pastoral Team

“Now as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name. Him they compelled to bear His cross.” Matthew 27:32

Every day, there are opportunities to love God and love our neighbor. The things are certainly not as large as Simon’s service, but they are ways that we can help someone else “carry his/her cross.” This is what the Lord calls us to do.

In this unusual time in our history, a whole new array of ways to help others is emerging. Almost everyone has “crosses” today that were non-existent only a couple of weeks ago. They key with helping to “carry a cross” is to not expect anything in return.

How to give when you can't get to mass

Mail your envelope to:

Assumption, 3516 E. Monroe, Midland, MI 48642

Or sign up online, see below…...

Our focus for March will be the Food Truck and Ensure collection for our monthly Food Pantry.

You can drop off your donations in the gathering space during the week or the office from Monday thru Thursday or 2:00—4:00 p.m. on Good Friday.

CRS Rice Bowl, Lenten Stories 5 weeks and Holy Week

Shown are Week 4 & 5.

Rice Bowls can be returned when we resume Masses and office hours.

Food Pantry Distribution Truck, Thur, July 23, 2020, Assumption goal of $1,500 for the cost of the food truck and to fill 80 volunteers for the day.

Ensure Drink for our Senior Citizens Community Center and Cancer Services. Expiration date at least a few months. Or you may purchase Walmart or Meijer Brands.

We dropped off a nice amount of ENSURE DRINK to the SENIOR CITIZENS COMMUNITY CENTER last week.

Catholic Relief Services Collection

Next week, our parish will take up the Catholic Relief Services collection (CRS). Funds from this collection help provide food to the hungry, support to displaced refugees, and bring Christ’s love and mercy to all people here at home and abroad. Next week, please give generously to the CRS, and help Jesus in disguise. Learn more about the collection at: www.usccb.org/catholic-relief. (See PDF for more details).

During Lent, our community will participate in CRS Rice Bowl, a faith-in-action program that invites us to reflect on the challenges of global hunger-and our responsibility to respond to the needs of our global human family. Please bring Rice Bowls back to church starting Holy Thursday, April 9th.

(Show/More Less)

This year, CRS invites us to journey around the world to Honduras, Kenya and Vietnam to meet three girls and their families who are thriving with the support of CRS and faith communities like yours. Through stories, videos and lesson plans, we will learn about the global issue of hunger and malnutrition and our Gospel call to feed the hungry. We can watch these ‘Stories of Hope’ and more at crsricebowl.org.

Please consider these suggestions in your family’s Lenten plan:

  • Use your CRS Rice Bowl and Lenten Calendar daily to guide your prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
  • Read the Stories of Hope and daily reflections to inspire your Lenten journey and guide your Lenten almsgiving.
  • Prepare simple, meatless meals on the Fridays of Lent to eat in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Please bring Rice Bowls back to church starting Holy Thursday, April 9th.

An Opportunity To Serve, Our Christian Service Committee would like to draw your attention to our poster in the gathering space regarding our...


(Show/More Less)


With the great success we have had when we hosted the distribution truck, we are doing it again this summer. We need to reach our goal of $1,500 for the cost of the food truck and to fill 80 volunteers for the day.

Please take time to consider signing up to help out with this very important ministry to those in need of food for their table.

Families are welcomed! A great gift that you can pass on to your kids is the gift of volunteering! We will pre-assign you a job depending on the area of need. Questions, please call Cathy in the parish office at 631-4447. Let’s make this a day that truly lives out the Gospel Message…of Matt: 25…

"For when I was hungry you gave me to eat!" Thank You, Christian Service Committee

An Opportunity To Help, This year we will collect ENSURE DRINK for our SENIOR CITIZENS COMMUNITY CENTER and CANCER SERVICES.

These agencies were thrilled that we were going to do this collection!

It is a much needed nutritional drink and truly a great need in our community. You may also purchase the Walmart or Meijer Brands.

(Show/More Less)

PEASE buy Ensure drinks with an expiration date that is out a few months or a year. You may also give a monetary donation in the money box that is provided in the Welcome Area. We will make a delivery to these agencies every week during lent.


God Bless You for your kindness, Christian Service Commission

Our Condolences…

In your kindness and prayers please remember... Janey Winslow who was given a Christian burial this week. May her family find comfort during this time of loss. God took you in his loving arms. He saw you needed rest. His garden must be beautiful. For He only takes the best!

I hope most of us know DAVE LIJEWSKI who serves our parish family as our maintenance supervisor. Dave is often the first to arrive and last to leave our Larkin parish home arranging tables, chairs, and whatever else in preparation for events and then remaining to oversee all the clean-up and lock-up. Dave is also an active member of our Knights of Columbus council.

As part of our pastoral team, Dave willingly takes his turn leading our prayer time and sharing faith. During these pandemic days, Dave has been busy sanitizing and doing deep cleaning throughout our building. We are blessed to have this gentle, hard-working man of faith as part of our parish family and pastoral team.

Our Parish is blessed with loving, compassionate people. Thank you for sharing your time and talents.

How to give when you can't get to mass

Mail your envelope to:

Assumption, 3516 E. Monroe, Midland, MI 48642

Or sign up online:


  • You have the option to use Online Giving for contributions to our parish!
  • Your gift will be transferred from your preferred method of payment directly to our parish.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you have any questions: email Sandy or call the parish office at 989-631-4447.

Tickets for The Big Raffle, Drawing April 23 at Center for Ministry

  • Proceeds of the ticket sales will benefit Assumption YM and the St. John Neumann Catholic Education Grant.
  • 1st Prize: Chevy Spark or $10,000
  • 2nd Prize: $5,000 Home Improvement Project
  • 3rd Prize: Airfare for Two (continental US)
  • 4th Prize: Apple I-Pad
  • 5th Prize: Computer Laptop
  • Drawing to be held at the Center for MinistryThursday, April 23, 2020


  • Tuesday: 12pm-6pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm-6pm
  • Thursday: 12pm-7pm
  • Saturday: 10am-2pm

The Bridge is a grocery store with wholesale prices, marked up by 5 pennies. It is run by volunteer staff who love to serve the community. The Bridge is able to keep their product costs low, because all of the labor costs are eliminated due to volunteers stepping up and helping out. THIS STORE IS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS A HOUSEHOLD INCOME OF $61,000 OR LESS!

The Toni and Trish House in Auburn is looking for individuals who would like to volunteer their time, maybe a few hours a week or every other week. We will provide a one-hour training and/or mentorship to make sure that people have all of the skills necessary to help us care for our terminally ill guests. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 989-662-6400 or email trishouse@gmail.com.

Open Door Update

In light of Governor Whitmer's most recent "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order, we are halting all volunteer activity except for our Soup Kitchen volunteers.

In order to minimize risk, volunteers over the age of 65 are asked to refrain from serving at this time.

Volunteers are also asked to self-screen using the following questions prior to coming to the Open Door:

    1. 1. Do you have a cough and fever or difficulty breathing?
    2. 2. Have you been exposed in the last fourteen days to someone with the novel coronavirus?

Volunteers who answer yes to any of these questions will be asked to refrain from volunteering.

If you are over 65 or do not feel comfortable serving during your scheduled time, please contact either your Soup Kitchen lead or email Vicki Jensen at vicki.jensen@midlandopendoor.org.

We are currently evaluating our options on how to best serve Easter dinner for our soup kitchen community.

If you are interested in helping, please email Vicki Jensen at vicki.jensen@midlandopendoor.org.


SPRING RUMMAGE SALE April 21, 22 & 23 @ Assumption

Vacation Bible School, June 15-18, 9am-Noon @ Assumption

Ride the rails to the fun at VBS!

For 4 year olds thru future 5th graders.

Held by Assumption BVM, Blessed Sacrament and St. Brigid at Assumption BVM

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN (for participants and volunteers)


Questions? Contact Sarah Hocking

Formed - Catholic service to studies, Movies, Audios, and eBooks and more.

Over 60 Movies, 23 for kids and much more.

Watch on Smart TV, PC, more.

The Coronavirus can’t stop us from celebrating Easter with the traditional Easter Egg Hunt! Blessed Sacrament is inviting Midland churches and the entire community to participate in this germ-free Easter Egg Hunt! Here’s how to participate:

  1. Decorate or color paper Easter eggs at home with your family. Be creative!
  2. Tape them on your front door or in your windows before you go to bed on Saturday, April 11! (You can do as many as you like!)
  3. Walk or drive around Midland anytime from Easter Sunday to Sunday, April 19, and see how many Easter eggs you can spot!
  4. Want to be eligible to win an Easter prize? Please post a picture on the Blessed Sacrament Facebook page of your family hunting for eggs and how many you found or submit them through the form below. Three families will be randomly drawn from all of the participants. We’ll contact winners by Monday, April 20.

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Use the App or website to find local Mass Time. Website, Android, Apple

Steps to add Assumption website to your smartphone.

Formed - Catholic service to studies, films, audios, and eBooks. Android, Apple

“You shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:37-39)