Jesus Is…

…____ _____!

God Is…

… ______ ______!!

And so Holy Week begins …do you remember our “cheer?” Do you remember your responses?

Jesus is….OUR KING!


Since we won’t be shouting it here together before we process with palms into our faith family’s place for prayer and worship, where (and how) will you begin (or have you begun) to pray this Holy Week?

Sarah and Kathy, who guide our faith formation programs for the children and youth of our parish family, have reviewed resources online and found a fine resource to guide our praying this different Holy Week.

So, we’re encouraging you all to check out and use the HOLY WEEK@HOME EXPERIENCE that is being offered online by The Pastoral Center.

There will be some more information and guidance coming to you in the next couple of days, but this resource has ideas for home and family praying and celebrating and sharing focused on each of the holy days of this Holy Week because…

Jesus Is…___ _____!

God Is…______ ______!!

…and we need to celebrate the great LOVE God is always pouring out for us in Jesus and the joyful hope that comes from the power and promise of our ever faithful God who is always working life—even when things can seem somewhat bleak.

As one powerful preacher proclaimed on a Good Friday a few years back, “It may be Friday, BUT SUNDAY’S COMIN’!”

Another online resource

I wish to share is a bit dif-ferent: “”. I’ve used the site and its opportunity to donate simply by clicking on buttons for well over 15 years—and have never had any spam or other unwelcome emails or anything the entire time.

Supporters of the site donate a small amount for each click registered. So in a few minutes I can contribute to hun-ger relief, cancer treatment, literacy resources and some half dozen more outreach efforts.

Clicking on the button on ‘thehungersite’ page takes you then to a grid where the other outreaches can be accessed—and a button simply clicked on each—or all of those you’d choose to support. AND, during this pandemic, they are allowing us to click 4 times a day as a way of increasing support during the difficult times.

Since we’re all pretty much at home and limited to cyber access to so much, perhaps this manner of supporting good works would appeal to you? All it takes is a couple of minutes of our time.

Lastly, I share some of an email message I got this morning from MARYKNOLL about this Holy Week we’re beginning. It provided me some food for thought that I’d like to share:

“Historians note that the spread of Christianity in the early centuries coincided with at least three major plagues and pandemics. They believe that the witness of how these early communities of missionary disciples responded to the crises with faith, hope and compassion had a substantial impact.

“The coronavirus is forcing us out of our comfort zones and challenging us to take a hard look at our lives and current situation. We find ourselves confronting sickness and death, losing jobs and facing financial insecurity, isolated and cut off from family and friends and worried about the future.

“And yet as followers of Jesus we trust in God’s love that accompanies us through the paschal mystery of life, death and resurrection.

“As we prepare to enter into that sacred mystery in a whole new way, we at Maryknoll offer you our prayers and support.

“It will be a Holy Week unlike any other as we join together remotely as worldwide communities of missionary disciples. Our Maryknoll priests and brothers continue their ministries and accompany people around the globe during this pandemic. At home our team of mission educators are working remotely and are ready to accompany you during this time of crisis.

“We also offer you resources and links as together we discern how we are being invited by the Spirit as a community of missionary disciples during this trying time.”

For Jesus is OUR KING and God is TRULY GREAT!

Blessings on you all during this Holy Week!

“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs." (Colossians 3:16)