Holy Spirit Come!

As I begin this bit of sharing, I think of the line Garrison Keilor used to begin each of his ‘news’ monologues on his radio show: “It’s been a _____ week in ….”

As most of you are very well aware, it has been anything but quiet in our community and neighborhoods this past week.

Along those lines, I’d begin here by inviting you to join me in prayer (and actions) on behalf of our neighbors, MACC partners and some fellow par-ishioners who are working to recover from flooding and varying degrees of damage.

Our parish is working along with many other local organizations to ensure folks have what they need.

SO, if you have needs, PLEASE let us know!

AND, if you have resources and are not sure how to help, let us know and we’ll direct you as best we can.

This column sometimes seeks to inform (as above) and more often I try to inspire, to provoke thought and perhaps prayer or actions that might develop and deepen our discipleship.

So, let me begin here with some more information.

Likely you have heard that we are starting to be open for public prayer with some weekday Masses and, for the time being anyway, our two weekend liturgies.

Like so much these past several months, this “reopening” plan and the related precautions and practices are indeed a work in progress.

I hope you’ve read the explanation of what you will encounter when you come for Mass—it is included along with this bulletin for those who receive this by postal mail and available on all of our online plat-forms for those who get this via those connections.

There’s lots of changes!

Beginning with MASKS. If you plan to come, bring your mask—no one without a mask will be admitted.

We also suggest anyone in a higher risk group to not expose themselves (or others) to unnecessary risks by coming for worship. All of these limitations and others can be found in the ‘reopening’ document.

And, we’ll see how week 1 goes…and make any needed adjustments.

On a much more personal note…

Many have expressed your prayerful support for me and my family as we have experienced the death of our mom (grandma, etc).

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Your prayer and support are needed and deeply appreciated.

I seem to be doing ok as this next phase of my (and our) life begins, but there’s a long way to go…

I will share (and continue to share) how many Graces and how much comfort I’ve found God and our family of faith providing for me during mom’s last week and in the now 10 days since her death.

One I mentioned in the homily last week (available on our media platforms) is how each day’s LITTLE WHITE BOOK reflections seem to be directly addressed to me and my family.

Likewise, the daily Gospel readings for the week she died—they too seemed to be directly addressing our loss, our sadness and our hope—all rooted in the LOVE God poured out for us through mom.

God is good all the time! All the time!

As many of you know, mom’s name was JEANNE MARIE—born Harmon, then Griffin, then Broddle.

Well, the day after mom died, I met with and completed the process of hiring for our parish family one who will begin to share leadership on our Pastoral Team when our current Pastoral

Associate, Cathy Converse, retires after seven years of dedicated service and joyful friendship with her teammates and many, many of you.

Cathy is set to retire as of June 30, now just about five weeks away.

At that time, Sr. JEANNE MARIE Wiest, a Dominican sister, will be coming to join our family of faith. There will be time for sharing more about Sr. Jeanne and getting to know her as the summer rolls along.

For now, let’s all join in prayer, again, for the victims of the flood, but also for an easy and blessed transition for both our sisters, Cathy and Jeanne.

As always there’s more, especially as we contemplate and celebrate the gift, power and promise God gives us all in the PENTECOST event and that wondrous SPIRIT of wisdom, courage and community, alive and at work in our lives, our world and our HOPES!



“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs." (Colossians 3:16)